Over 30 years of professional experience in software development and over 15 years of startup experience give us a very unique set of skills to get things done quickly and for the right price.

We are the boutique software shop you have been looking for!

Startup Mentality

We have founded many startups, and have been involved with them since early 2000s. We know how they operate, and how to build things that are both lean and affordable. We never think like consultants, billable hours, instead we like to think as your partner.

Mobile App Development

We built dozens of native apps for both iOS and Android. Lately, we have been a huge fan of the Flutter framework, which can save you insane amount of money. If you prefer Swift, Java or Kotlin - we are experts in those as well.

Scalable Web Apps

Amongst other things, we built advertising platform (handling billions of daily transactions), social networks (serving millions of daily users), real-time bidding platform handing high volume transactions. To keep your cost down and avoid unnecessary licenses - we prefer open-source technologies like Node.js, Python, etc.

Cloud Approach

We have been using cloud services pretty much from day one they came out. We first choice is Amazon AWS, but can also handle anything on Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Do you prefer server-less solutions? No problem! How about micro-services? We know that too. From Linux to Windows, and whatever your preference is - we are here to execute.